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DOUG 1.72 Available Flight Packages

Click a link below to download.

For Linux/Mac flight packages: save file under DOUG’s ./flights directory and change *.txt to *.pkg.

Filename (Windows) Filename (Linux/Mac) Comment Date Created Status
Stage_67-7_v4.exe Stage_67-7_v4.txt Updated state of ISS to reflect changes that occured during recent Russian EVAs 05/02/2022 NEW
Stage_66-7_v10.exe Stage_66-7_v10.txt Updated to reflect state of ISS on 03/21/2022 03/21/2022
US_EVA_IROSA_Prep_3A_v13.exe US_EVA_IROSA_Prep_3A_v13.txt Includes BCDU MLI flap final updates 02/21/2022
US_EVA_RBVM_Jumper_Install_v8.exe US_EVA_RBVM_Jumper_Install_v8.txt Includes ROBO updates and minor changes 03/07/2022
US_EVA_P4_IROSA_Install_v1.exe US_EVA_P4_IROSA_Install_v1.txt Initial base load, does not include EVA proceedures 08/25/2021
US_EVA_S4_IROSA_Install_v1.exe US_EVA_S4_IROSA_Install_v1.txt Initial base load, does not include EVA Proceedures 08/25/2021
Generic_EVA_Task_SIM_v2.exe Generic_EVA_Task_SIM_v2.txt Updated to fix installer issues 10/03/2019

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